North Foils

North have relased a full range of Foils and Foilboards, North have a foil program that is unrivaled by any other kitesurfing brand they have spent so much time in the R&D department is crazy but with hard work come rewards and the product that North have produced is unreal, In fact i would be happy to say the best Foil range from a premimum kitesurfing brand we have even seen. North Kite foils are very well made and performace is top of the line. The North Foil boards are again very high end Buy North Foils and you will not need to upgrade for a while. The North Sence Foil board is perfect for freeride kitesurfing, Then you have the North Chase Foil board this board is more suited towards waves. Finaly you have the Scoop from North This foil is North's high performace Foil board and is on another level than others. As for the foils the North Sonar range has you covered, North make the Sonar freeride and the Surf edition so what ever your displine North Foils have one for you.

If you feel a little lost when it comes to Foils or Foils boards Give us a call at S2AS on 01202 738448 we will be happy to help and find you your first North Foil setup.

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