Ocean Rodeo Glide HL-Series Wingsurfer
Ocean Rodeo Glide HL-Series Wingsurfer
Ocean Rodeo Glide HL-Series Wingsurfer
Ocean Rodeo Glide HL-Series Wingsurfer
Ocean Rodeo Glide HL-Series Wingsurfer

Ocean Rodeo Glide HL-Series Wingsurfer

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Take a look at the new Ocean Rodeo Glide HL-Series Wingsurfer at S2AS!

In collaboration with ALUULA, Ocean Rodeo is pleased to bring the composite materials revolution to wing foiling. Whether you’re generating insane speed and drive to take to the air or forgetting your wing as it flags out behind you on a wave, the Glide’s extreme low weight, smooth handling, and balanced design delivers the highest levels of performance.

At 20% lighter than most industry-standard Dacron framed wings, the HL Series Glide Wingsurfer uses the first hybrid air-frame construction on any wing foil available. An Aluula high-pressure boom is ultra-light and stays flying longer as you approach wind speed whilst wave riding.  The rugged Dacron leading edge is reinforced with Aluula allowing for a significantly slimmer diameter that can be pumped to a much higher pressure than Dacron alone!

Not only has the Glide received improvements from the integration of the Aluula material, but it also benefits from improvements to all the seams and bladders, to further minimise weight and ensure durability! 

The Ocean Rodeo Glide HL-Series is unique amongst wingsurfers, developed specifically to maximise efficiency and minimise user strain, keeping you pumping for longer!


  • Aluula: A graphene-enhanced composite that weighs just 82gsm (grams per square meter). To compare, traditional Dacron that weighs around 150gsm. UV stable and virtually unrippable, the Aluula BLACK composite can also withstand higher inflation pressures. Alongside this, the Aluula bladder technology brings additional weight savings and performance gains: Aluula film weighs in at only 42gsm, compared to PU films that are traditionally in the 100gsm range. Inflated to a standard pressure of 8psi, the Aluula air frame is 50% stiffer than current Dacron/PU bladder air frames, with 20x more resilience to tearing against standard Dacron, and yet half the weight. The resulting stiffness combined with the extreme light weight delivered by Aluula transforms inflatable kites into precision control wings, unlike anything we have experienced during our 20 years of kite design.
  • Dimension Polyant K-PE Dacron: Dimension Polyant’s K-PE dacron utilizes PEN (polyethylene naphthalate) fibres in the warp direction. PEN has a higher modulus than polyester and these fabrics exhibit approximately 30 to 40% lower stretch than their polyester equivalents. This makes K-PE the ideal choice for kite dacron where low stretch is a top priority. 
  • Teijin Techno Force D2 Ripstop: Designed specifically for the kiteboarding market, Teijin’s Technoforce D2 Ripstop has high tear resistance, low stretch, and is incredibly lightweight. Each Strand of yarn is individually coated before being woven together. A second surface coating is then applied to the material, providing long term endurance. Teijin D2 is the benchmark in quality with proven superiority in durability and dynamics.


  • Aluula Reinforced Dacron Leading Edge: Built with rugged 160gsm dacron that is enhanced with a Aluula shock strip that runs wing-tip to wing-tip, for improved stiffness and response
  • Ridgeback Boom: Ultralight, stiff and 100% Aluula construction for a high-pressure boom with superior puncture and abrasion resistance, this is the stiffest inflatable boom on the market... And only half the weight of the competitions inflatable booms. *Recommended Inflation 12 To 15 Psi.
  • Aluula Reinforcements: The Aluula anti flutter strips & abrasion panels support the canopy ripstop to stop flutter and increase abrasion resistance at critical wear points.
  • Independent Inflation Valves: Precision controlled inflation pressures for both the boom and leading-edge independent of each other.
  • Matrix Handle System: Quick change handles. Mix and match your riding style.
  • Unity Wrist Leash: Incredibly comfortable, this the Unity Wrist Leash features a fold-back Velcro closure for a secure connection and one-handed donning and doffing and Amsteel spectra shock cord loaded line. 110 Cm relaxed to 170 cm stretched.
  • No Hula Harness Loop: Quick loop to loop attachment, the no hula loop swings side to side for easy hook in and out. Quick length adjustment via larks head to knot.
  • Wing Bag: Rugged yet lightweight, the Wing Bag is designed to handle sandy wet wings. Featuring a large mesh side and bottom panels to assist with moisture and sand management. Rugged pack cloth with saltwater resistant, #10 main entry coil zipper, adjustable shoulder straps, and a quick secure bungee system to hold your pump.

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