SUP Accessories

Here at S2AS we've got a large range of SUP acessories from high quality brands including Dakine and Jobe. The SUP accessories that these brands provide aims to make your life easier when transporting SUPs and improving your SUP experience as a whole, the Dakine Areo rack pad and tie down straps make sure that your SUP is secure and your vehicle is protected at all times on the way to and from the water.

If you have any questions about the SUP accessories that we stock please don't hesitate to contact us on 01202 738448.

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Jobe Coiled SUP Leash 10ft (Green)


O'Brien SUP Bag


O'Brien SUP Anchor


O'Brien SUP Leash


Dakine Tie Down Strap 20'

RRP: £17.00 £12.00

Dakine Tie Down Straps 12' (Set of Two)


Dakine Aero Rack Pads 34"


Dakine Rack Pads 18"


Surflogic Rack Pads


Surflogic Soft Racks


Jobe Discover SUP Shoes (Midnight Blue)


Jobe Sup Bag 12'6"


Jobe Discover SUP Shoes (Nero)

RRP: £34.00 £30.00

2018 Jobe Discover Slip-on SUP Shoes (Nero)


Jobe Waterproof Phone Case