Used 2015 Humanoid Huxtable 142cm Wakeboard
Used 2015 Humanoid Huxtable 142cm Wakeboard
Used 2015 Humanoid Huxtable 142cm Wakeboard

Used 2015 Humanoid Huxtable 142cm Wakeboard

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Take a look at our Used 2015 Humanoid Huxtable Wakeboard at S2AS!

Humanoid's luxury park board got a major facelift for 2015. New bi-axial fiberglass tops & bottoms makes this Huxtable more flexible and lighter than ever. Deep recessed channels on the base allow for a strong edge hold when boosting in the park and also provide the rigidity throughout the centerline for hauling ass behind a boat. Humanoid designed the recessed base channels to remain level throughout so team rider Mitch Langfield can crush park features without unnecessary hangups. Package this with a serious wardrobe combo and you'll have all the makings of a human on permanent vacay.


  • Flexcavation
    Our 3-dimensional targeted wood core milling gives us unsurpassed accuracy in determining the areas of thickness in a board's profile. Flexcavation create strategic machine arcs and channels on the top and bottom of each board which activate areas of flex and help maintain strength and integrity in each board. Less is more and by milling flex patterns and channels into specific areas of the core we create the desired ride without adding unnecessary features or materials.
  • M6 Inserts and Bolts
    M6 is a worldwide metric standard. More threads and tighter tolerance means a stronger interface between your board and bindings resulting in a rattle-free feeling out on the water. Each of our M6 inserts have heights dictated by core thickness. The universal pattern gets pressed through the core and yields up to 150% more strength over industry insert standards.
  • Tapered Tip and Tail
    This is our standard in core profiling. We use an even core thickness between our binding inserts to create a more abrupt response off the wake. From the outside of the inserts moving towards the nose & tail of the board, we mill a more lean core profile. We believe this thinner profile in the tip & tail creates powerful snap, insanely soft landings, a more controlled board response in the park, and an overall more versatile wakeboard.
  • Indestructoid Base 
    Engineered by one the world's leading supplier of durable plastics, our UHWM sintered bases surpass the durability demands of our transient team of rail abusers. Our bases offer grease-like viscosity on rails, a catch free glide behind the boat, and visual clarity for graphics that pop. Ride with confidence knowing your base can withstand the abuse.
  • Special Blend Triax Fiberglass
    We use alternating layers of quality stitched triaxial weave fiberglass sourced from the most well respected fabric supplier in the aerospace industry. Triaxial fiberglass ensures maximum torsional rigidity from fibers that hit at 0, +/- 45 degree angles. We use a wet lay-up process, done by hand, to achieve exact epoxy saturation on all our boards. Experimenting with layers of weight and angles ensures the right amount of flex & response designed specifically for each board.
  • Gnarwalls 
    One of the major differences between our Sandwich Constructed boards vs. traditional compression molded wakeboards is our use of sidewalls. Our Gnarwalls are like medieval armor for your board. We lay high impact resistant ABS & UHMW plastic into the entire perimeter of each board. We then machine the board's Gnarwalls with a variable bevel that allows us to tune the rail of the board to make it aggressive when on edge, and a much more forgiving feeling when riding flat.
  • Sandwich Construction 
    Sandwich construction can be a more labor intensive process vs. traditional compression molded foam wakeboard construction and it shows our commitment to work towards manufacturing progression for the enjoyment of wakeboarding. The process of stacking layers of composites allows us to experiment with combinations of materials, different rocker lines, variable flex, and board control. The result is a more durable, consistent, lively, and exact outcome of the shaper's intended design when compared to their traditional foam or hybrid counterparts. We use sandwich construction exclusively for our entire line of wakeboards.
  • Ol' Pappy's Continuous Rocker 
    Think of continuous rocker as a single arc from the bottom of the base extending upward toward the nose and tail. The majority of our boards are manufactured with this type of rocker because of its longstanding consistency of pop, faster speed, and easy accommodation of various riding styles and environments. If you're looking to throw together a setup and get ripping in any environment, give our Ol Pappys Continuous Rocker a try.
  • Paulownia Woodland I-Core 
    The core is really just that - the heart & soul of a board. It determines many of the riding characteristics even before we start experimenting with different layups and space age composites. All our boards use vertically laminated Paulownia Woodland i-Cores from nose to tail, rail to rail, because of it's consistent energy, snappy response, and unsurpassed durability. You won't find any notches or irregularities in our wood cores. The Paulownia Woodland i-Core produces lively pop season after season.

Our 2015 Humanoid Huxtable Wakeboard has some scratching on the bottom from slides, but still has laods of life left in it. 

For more info on the 2015 Humanoid Huxtable Wakeboard, give us a call on 01202 738448

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