Brand new program to the South Coast area!

Equipment available to use 7 days a week, no pre-bookings required.

We always GUARANTEE to have kites and boards available.

Tired of your equipment becoming out-dated and rapidly loosing its value?

As a VIP Member you can use any current year kitesurf kites and kiteboards in whatever size you need, all for monthly membership fee.

Are you a beginner and just spent all your money on kitesurf lessons and don’t have enough left for new equipment?

Don’t worry our VIP Membership is affordable and dedicated to getting you out on the water, with prices starting from £79 per month.

No sand in your house!

No maintenance or repair costs to worry about!

No massive starting costs as a beginner!

No more jealously watching other people kite!

No more thousands of £’s spent every year on new equipment!

VIP’s don’t have the hassle of buying kit or worrying about what size they need, our trained team of experts will make sure you have the right equipment for the day!

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced level rider we’ve got the right kit for you!

Frequently Asked Questions about the S2AS VIP Club

How much will it cost me?
You decide based on what time period best suits you, with prices ranging from £79 to £99 a month, based on how long you wish to join for.
Do I have to pay it all at once?
Not at all, you can pay either in monthly installments or in one full payment it’s entirely up to you.
How can I get one month’s free membership?
Simple get a friend to join up and we’ll give you one month’s free membership. This is NOT a limited offer; invite 3 friends get 3 months free, invite 10 friends get 10 free months etc.
Do I need to know how to kitesurf?
Yes in order to be a VIP Member you are required to have BKSA Level 2 or equivalent, however we also have a registered Kitesurf School (link to our kite school) where we can get you to this standard if need be.
What equipment can I use?
We have an extensive range of current year kites from 5m to 17m to choose from, along with a range of boards from 130cm to 155cm, no matter what you’re after we’ll have something for you.
What if no kites are available?
At Surface2Air we guarantee there will always be kites available, as a kitesurf retailer we can ensure you we will always have equipment in stock ready for you to use.
I’m a beginner do you have kite and boards to suit my level?
Of course, we have an ideal selection of equipment for beginners and helpful advice available from collective decades in the world of kitesurfing.
I’m an advanced kitesurfer do you have equipment for me?
Yes no matter what you level of proficiency we will have the perfect kit for you.
I don’t know what equipment or size I need, can you help?
Not a problem our team of experts is on hand to advise you and make sure you leave with the right kite and board your weight, skill and the wind on any given day.
I’m 110kgs do you have equipment for me?
Certainly, we have a wide range of equipment in order to cater to the individual needs of any rider.
Where can I kitesurf?
Anywhere you want, you are more than welcome to take our equipment! S2AS is ideally located a short drive from several popular kitesurfing spots that are great for most wind directions.
Is there a limit to the amount of times I use the equipment?
Not at all you are free to use the equipment everyday of your membership if you wish.
How many kites can I take at once?
You can only take one kite at a time, however, if you need to swap during the day just bring the kite back into the store and we’ll swap it round for you.
How long can I use the equipment for?
You are free to use the equipment for as long as you want from 9am everyday so long as it is back with us by 8pm.
Where do I collect the equipment?
From our store: Surface 2 Air Sports, Ashley Cross, Poole, BH14 8UB
What time can I collect equipment from?
Equipment is available to be collected from 9am everyday, so you could even pick it up on your way to work so you can head straight to the beach in the afternoon.
When do I need to return the equipment?
Equipment needs to be returned to us by 8pm the same day, so that we can check, clean and ensure it is ready to be taken out the following day.
Can I swap the kite if the wind conditions change?
Absolutely, just come by the store and we’ll change it for you right away
Can I pre-book equipment?
If you want to let us know you are going to use the service on a given day you are more than welcome, however there is no need to book as we guarantee that we will always have the equipment you need available.
What if I damage a kite?
Accidents whilst infrequent do unfortunately happen in kitesurfing and you will have to cover any repair costs if you have not taken out insurance.
Do you offer insurance?
Yes we do offer insurance at £10 a day that will cover all damages to equipment.
What if the equipment stolen?
If equipment is stolen we will expect you to inform both the police and ourselves as soon as possible, and acquire an Incident Report Number so we can process the insurance claim.
Can I take the equipment on holiday?
Yes for additional charges based on what equipment you wish to take and how long for, however, you find it much more reasonable than resort rental prices.
What makes this different to a rental scheme?
This is not kite rental; this is a VIP Club, which allows you the opportunity to kite wherever, whenever you want, 7 days a week with a choice of equipment always guaranteed. As well as social events, you will receive the first invitations to get booked onto our Surface 2 Air kitesurfing trips.
Quote from VIP Member James
This for me is perfect,I'm living in London and its not easy with equipment getting down to the beach but with the VIP Program I no longer need to own kites so I just get myself to the beach S2AS take care of the rest! Pure bliss.
Are there any other benefits when becoming a VIP?
Of course, by joining the S2AS VIP you not only gain access to an enormous range of kites and boards whenever you want but also exclusive discounts and offers, as well opportunities for purchase select items before the general public.
Quote from VIP Member Karl
I’m new to kitesurfing and the cost of buying new equipment was something I could not afford so I signed up to 6 months best thing ever! And I’m riding really well now as I can choose any size kite, so I get to go kitesurfing all the time its windy. Thanks S2AS!
3 Months Membership
6 Months Membership
9 Months Membership

To join this exclusive club just call us on 01202 73488 or speak to us in store!