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Established in 2002, Surface 2 Air Sports has
rapidly become the leading watersports
authority in the UK, located in Poole.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest
quality standard of service at our stores
ensuring that all employees carry out the
sports we concentrate on instore. Our staff
have excellent product knowledge and are
always willing to offer sound and honest

At Surface 2 Air Sports, we're proud to be
one of the leading UK stockists of kitesurfing
equipment. Based out of our shop on the edge of Poole Harbour, we ship kitesurfing equipment and other sporting goods to customers across the UK and around the world.

We're lucky to be close to some of the UK's top kitesurfing spots, including Poole Harbour which is right on our doorstep. As a result, our staff are able to test out new kitesurfing equipment as it arrives. Each of our team has their own style and the own opinons of the kitesurfing equipment that we stock.

With kitesurfers, wakeboarders, snowboarders, skaters, bikers, kayakers and some madly energetic folks who do all of the above on our team, we're proud to provide expert advice to our customers. By surfers, for surfers is our motto.

Great gear, great prices

That's our business plan, and it's not a complicated one. As enthusiastic athletes ourselves, we understand the need to find gear that you can trust, kitesurfing equipment that will make the ride better. And no one likes getting ripped off. We source kitesurfing equipment, wetsuits and accessories from dozens of businesses around the world. We aim to only stock top quality products at great prices, so you know that whatever you buy from us it will be functional, reliable and affordable.

Top brands and new names

Naturally, we stock the top brands in kitesurfing equipment, but we also strive to find new favourites, the up and coming innovators. We're always pleased to hear about a product that's making waves or a company that's doing something new. While we wait for the next great idea, let us show you some of our favourite kitesurfing equipment from the current range.

We stock kites and boards that are great for beginners, and others that are used or designed by world-class kitesurfers. Flexifoil, for example, have been working in partnership with 5-times World Champion Aaron Hadlow to create a new range of kites, and other manufacturers have their star pieces too. Already in stock is the Nobile 50 Fifty, the board of choice of Brazilian pro riders Eudazio Da Silva and Carlos Madron. It was developed with input from Mikael Blomvall, a Swedish pro, so has been thoroughly tested!

Whatever your level, we'd love to hear from you. Drop in for a chat, shop online or call us to book a kitesurfing lesson.

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