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Xenon Kiteboards who are they? where did they come from? The answer, Out of nowhere! Xenon Kiteboards really did just hit the kiteboard market with an anvil. The Xenon Laluz is a Kiteboard like nothing else out there, Very clean graphics to suit the more mature kitesurfer but fell to suit any kind of rider. Xenon Kiteboards are the kind of kiteboard that after over 30mtrs riding you know that you have a top of the line kiteboard under your feet From the Xenon Eho (beginner) to the Xenon Hop (Wakestyle) you always feel in control. If your looking for a kiteboard that is super smooth in choppy conditions rides up wind really well and lets you think more about whats going on with the kite than the kiteboard then Get yourself an Xenon Kiteboard. Xenon Twin Tips come with a two year warrantee and the Xenon Surfboards as normal one year. Xenon stand by kiteboards they make by offering that 2 year warrantee more than any other kiteboard brand in the world today. The Xenon Kiteboard range looks like this: Xenon Eho (Beginner) Xenon Rayo (Freeride) Xenon Laluz (Advanced Freeride) Xenon Infra (freestyle) Xenon Hop (Wakestyle) So you can be sure Xenon have a kiteboard that suits your needs as a kitesurfer.
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