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Xenon Kiteboards who are they? Where did they come from? The answer: Out of nowhere! Xenon Kiteboards really did just hit the kiteboard market like an anvil. There flagship model the Xenon Laluz is a Kiteboard like nothing else out there uper smooth in choppy conditions rides up wind really well and lets you think more about whats going on with the kite than the kiteboard. Xenon stand by kiteboards they make by offering that 2 year warranty more than any other kiteboard brand in the world today. So you can be sure Xenon have a kiteboard that suits your needs as a kitesurfer.
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Dropping into the Kite scene from nowhere, Xenon boards have quickly established themselves in the industry!

Inspired by the lack of boards that give you something more than a routine ride, Xenon started in Poland and now available in over 50 countries around the globe and still expanding.

By focusing on a relatively small range of boards that adequately perform in their specified areas, whether for light wind conditions, freestyle, dedicated wakestyle or their immensely popular freeride board the Laluz, an all-around performance board built with an off-centre carbon rail that reflects the natural body position when kiting! Xenon have also recently taken their passion for innovation and into expanding their portfolio and have started producing exceptional kites!